How does having a dog enrich your life?

We are excited to launch our new blog. We think our first entry should get straight to the point and answer a question on the minds of those interested in welcoming a dog into their home: What is the added value? The answer is: there are so many benefits this blog doesn’t have enough space to mention them all, but we will talk about the most remarkable ones. The statement “dog is man’s best friend” should really be “a dog is one of the greatest possible additions to your family”. A dog can bring great contentment to your life and you can improve one another’s health, social interaction and well being.


They make you happier

Kevin TurciosThis is probably the most important point of all and it is backed by numerous scientific studies.
People with dogs are happier. Dogs offer unconditional love (on your best days and even when we don’t really deserve it). They are always there for you, ready to sit by you and keep you company or enjoy your daily activities (and hopefully a few adventures). They also do lots of adorable ridiculous things which make you laugh (laughter being a proverbial best medicine).


A study by the University of Miami showed that 85% of people are happier when their pet is a dog. This is just one of many studies that reveal how special these animals are. People with dogs also tend to have lower blood-pressure and longer life spans.

Image by: Kevin Turcios


They are a great motivator to get exercise

Iga PalaczEveryone knows that a dog needs daily exercise every day (preferably a few walks including at least one long one). This keeps them healthy, adds routine and brings balance to their lives. Of course, going out for walks is great for their owners because we also need our daily exercise and people (especially Londoners) have all too many excuses to avoid outdoor activity. When you have to choose between watching a series or gaming vs. going out for a stroll, it is all to easy to choose Downton Abbey or a few hours of Fortnight. The sight of your dog standing by the door super excited to go out gives you that little push you need to get the exercise we all require. And if you go to the park or woods, you’ll get fresh air and a moment to decompress and yada yada yada.

Did you know that we all need daily exercise and that going for daily walks increases your life expectancy and helps you maintain a normal sleep cycle? Just think of all those extra years of retirement you’ll have to sit around playing bridge or getting a bunch of retirement dogs.

Image by: Iga Palacz


They make you more responsible

Don’t get a dog if you balk at responsibility. They require an absolute minimum of attention, a good diet, early training and physical fitness. One of the best ways to teach your children responsibility is to guide them as they take care of a “furry friend”. Your child will learn the importance of daily routine, caring for an individual, love, psychological support and physical contact. Remember that having a dog isn’t just any old “Christmas gift”. Getting a dog can help make you more responsible but you should already make a serious commitment to taking care of the dog before you get one. The best age for getting a dog.

Nathan Hanna

Image by: Nathan Hanna


You’ll be less stressed

Juan Gomez

As we have previously mentioned there have been numerous studies which demonstrate that having a dog lowers your stress level. Simply petting your dog, playing with it or even some simple interaction can reduce your daily stress levels. Finally and certainly not least of all, people who have dogs tend to have more active social lives. Going outside with your dog doesn’t just benefit you with more exercise and better health but it is also a great way to meet interesting people. This is especially the case when the interesting people you meet share with their passion for dogs (a passion you are certain to develop shortly after getting a dog). Dogs certainly love socialising as well and they will enjoy playing with other dogs and interacting with their owners. Your dog needs to learn how to socialise with people and other dogs. One of the best ways to learn these skills is through your guidance while socialising with other owners and their furry friends.

Image by: Juan Gomez


We hope you’ve enjoyed our first blog post and that you will enjoy our next one. In the future we will offer lots of great insights into the world of dogs as well as tips on training and taking care of your pooch.


Main Image by Sacha Verheij