Meet our furry Friends

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"Fabian has helped us so much with our Chusky puppy Moose. He has been walking and training Moose since he was a puppy and has been an absolute lifesaver! He is caring, kind and very clearly has a special bond and sense with the dogs in his care. He goes above and beyond with his services and we couldn’t recommend him more!!!"

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“Holby has made so many friends and look forward to seeing Fabian! She knows what time she goes out to play with her friends. She will wait by the stairs waiting to hear the doorbell goes and she barks with excitement! Fabi is so good with all the babies. They all get individual attention and affection. He loves all of the furry babies he looks after, I’ve seen him with them and I totally recommend him to anyone who needs somebody to look after their fur babies as precious as themselves”

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“We consider Fabian and Marco like family... Romo is always so overjoyed to meet Fabian each morning that he goes on his walk! Fabian is not only and amazingly patient and reliable trainer but he always arrives to our house with a smile on his face. It’s been a pleasure to know Fabian and the entire Volpets family (humans and dogs) such a great gang 🐶🙏🏼 Thanks so much Fabian!!!”

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“Fabian’s entry into Cleo’s life has been a turning point. More than the rigorous exercise she receives on her daily walks, Cleo is experiencing companionship and training in an extremely well supervised and protected environment. I am unreserved in my praise for the care and love that Fabian lavishes on Cleo and all the pets lucky enough to be in his care”

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“Fabian talks about his charge as if they were his own. Lala and Coco look forward to their morning walks which keep them fit and trim as they are particularly greedy and keeping them on a healthy diet is not always enough. The long walk with other dogs have made them much more sociable and tolerant of other dogs. I cannot recommend enough Fabian for his kindness care and patience with the little creatures.”

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“The best thing I ever did was entrust Fabian with my dog Simba (a very energetic Labrador). He is a complete wonder with dogs. Simba adores him and whines at the door about half an hour before he turns up. Fabian is a professional dog trainer. He is calm, firm, responsible and kind. Simba, when he hit adolescence, began to get aggressive with other intact male dogs and Fabian was really understanding and wise and managed to keep him under control. In the end we had Simba castrated and he became very friendly with other dogs and ceased to be aggressive. He is now a joy and very affectionate. Fabian walks him in the park two hours every afternoon. Simba returns exhausted and happy. I trust Fabian completely. He loves dogs and understands them so well and is extremely reliable. He’s also a very charming, friendly, kind person. I think, for Fabian, dog-walking is not just a means of making a living, but one of the greatest pleasure’s in his life. He simply loves them! And that for me is the difference between him and many other dog-walkers. His heart is truly in it and the dogs sense it and love him back. I would recommend Fabian and am very happy to give a reference over the telephone, if required.”

Santa Montefiore
“As Fabian´s very first client I can only say that he is truly trustworthy and reliable and gives each dog his complete attention. I have been the owner of several Dandie Dinmonts over the last 3 decades and have used several different upscale dog sitting and dog walking services in central London over the years. Dandies are known to be stubborn and single minded but Fabian has trained Warris beautifully while still embracing his free spirt. Warris walks regularly with Fabian and often has sleep overs and week long holiday stays with him as well. Seeing how happy and loving Warris is with Fabian I would recommend Volpets 100%.”

G. G.
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“Fabian is the best dog walker we have ever had. He is always on time, super happy and with a positive attitude. Harry loves him. As soon as he sees Fabian, he goes running towards him to kiss (lick) him. Harry is not an easy dog, even though with Fabian he seems like he is. Harry really respects Fabian. We are so happy we found Fabian. 1000% recommended 🙂 ”

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“Georgie absolutely LOVES her walks, I can tell by the way she greets Fabian and from the photos he sends! As importantly, I know she is safe with him! She has needed a little training and he has done that too! 1000% recommended!"

Jenny Seagrove
Balu Volpets 480w
“Fantastic service for my rescue dog, he loves going on walks with @Volpets, meeting and playing with his other Volpets friends. Fabian isn’t just a dog walker but also a dog trainer who help Balu with he’s fears when travel by car. Great service and Fabian is very patient with my dog Balu. I highly recommend him."

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“Fabian is not only a dog-walker or a perfect dog educator. He is first of all a golden heart with a very special contact with dogs. He provides a very special and bespoke care to my disable french bulldog. Each time when I’m living UK , I know that Fridoline is in the best care with him and I can travel in peace. I will truly recommended Fabian who is working not only with passion but love for dogs."


“We have a beautiful English Bulldog, Daisy, who became quite nervous and protective. We asked Fabian to walk her once a day and train her to become calmer. We noticed a big change in her behaviour, she comes home from her walks with Fabian very happy and spends the rest of the day chilling and in a good mood. We highly recommend Fabian. He is a caring and trusting dog walker and trainer and is very passionate about the dogs in his care.”

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“We met Fabian when Snow our three month old husky puppy first came home with us. We were slightly at a loss as how to best train our supa high-energy pup and he came straight to our rescue. Fabian was recommended by our vet and the first day we met him we knew we had found a highly experienced, kind and intelligent trainer who most importantly adores and has a deep special connection with canines...

He is all about positive affirmation training using training treats and rewards rather than the more severe training I was used to with puppies when I was young. This training works so much better and is about empowering your dog and you and creating a deep trusting bond between both of you rather than using punishment and fear.

Snow adores Fabian and cannot contain herself with excitement when she sees him. When she goes on walks with him she comes back happy and exhausted. Snow has matured naturally but without Fabian's training and help she would not be as calm and obedient as she is now. Our 9 year old daughter adores Snow and loves letting her off the lead and running free together in the park having had training sessions with Fabian in practicing how to ensure Snow always comes back when called.

Fabian is always punctual, reliable and have never taken a day off sick since we met last summer. Snow boarded with Fabian for a week whilst we were away and she returned home happy, relaxed, contented - and am sure wanted to go straight back! There is something deeply animal-soul like about Fabian and I am sure that is why he connects so strongly with all the dogs he cares for, trains and walks, including his own beloved Marco.

We could not recommend Fabian, and the Volpets team highly enough for any dog's (and owner's!) happiness."


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“ “Without Fabian Gabbie, our Battersea rescue dog, would not have been able to learn to socialise and interact with other dogs In the park. Through his knowledge, love and attentive care, he has helped our Gabbie deal with anxiety and finally meet new furry friends! We wouldn’t know what to do without Fabian! He truly is a dog whisperer who is passionate about his work and would recommend him in a heartbeat!”

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“I met Fabian through a friend because I needed someone with whom I could entrust my most valued companion , Matilda . She was two at the time and had never walked or stayed with anyone but our family . I was so worried as she was so wilful at the time , being a young cairn terrier who was used to the wilds of the Hebrides . Now she has another family and like a happy child at the gates of school , she never looks back as she joins her pack . I entrust Fabian to love and care for her when I travel . I know that she will get the hours of energetic outings she needs as a young terrier and the love she needs to feel safe and content at his home.”

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“When Fabian asked me to give a testimonial I thought about saying how accessible he is with doggie day care and overnight boarding. Then I thought about how great it was that he takes our dog to the park for long walks to run freely with his friends. But the beat thing about Fabian and his team is that they love dogs and my dog loves them."

Daphne Volpets 320w

“Hi! I’m Daphne, a Cavalier Spaniel. The best part of my week is going out to the park with Fabian and my doggy friends. He is always so excited to see me and gives me lots of attention. He also improves my education, like sit and recall, which my owners can then take the credit for.

When Fabian takes Daphne for long walks, he has such a good relationship with her that even at 5 months she can spend most of the walk off the lead. She is always so excited to see him and nicely tired when she comes back! It has also been really important for her to socialise with all kinds of other dogs, and improve her training. "

Sophia Volpets 480w
“I would like to thank Fabian for been amazing to Sophia as she has got much better at home and outside as Fabian also trained her so well! He is so nice and kind to me and specially to Sophia , it’s important to have respect and Love in between us! I highly recommend Volpets .”

Luna Volpets 480w
“Fabian clearly loves and understands the dogs in his care. Luna has been walking with Fabian for more than a year and in that time he has always been reliable and flexible to our needs. Luna loves Fabian and is delighted to be part of the Volpets family!”

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“Fabian is the best dog walker anyone could wish for. He is reliable, trustworthy and friendly, Tatty and Ciro clearly adore him. The dogs always come home happy and suitably exhausted and it is lovely to see that Fabian loves them both as if they were his own. Highly recommend.”

J. Frieda
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“Milo and Scout enjoyed many walks with Fabian. But what speaks to me the most, is the sheer enjoyment they express when we have bumped into Fabian in the park. Both dogs were so excited and enthusiastic at seeing Fabian again. We saw him just last week and Milo ran back across two fields just to say Hi to Fabian one more time. Clearly he has won the dogs over, and that has won me over. ”