Growing up in Argentina I was always surrounded by many family pets. Clearly I was destined to  work with animals.

My last name is Volpe which means fox in Italian (a distant cousin of our domesticated friend). This is the inspiration for our company name VolPets.  I truly love every day I spend caring for and training people’s treasured pets. My job is doing what I love the most.

I first worked professionally with animals at the Mar Del Plata Aquarium. Following this I pursued a career in customer services and logistics. After  earning my dog trainer qualifications I felt ready to open  my own  business which I am happy to say has been a fulfilling and successful endeavour. 

About Caye


Caye Joined us in 2020. His energy is infectious and the other dogs in the VolPets family really get a kick out of him. He worked as a volunteer in a dog rescue shelter for two years. The dogs enjoy their walk with him and he is great at imparting sensible dog behaviour through indirect training.

About Luis


Luis is a caring dogwalker and is a blessing to work with him. He puts his heart and soul into the company and he is always available to lend his expertise. Walks with Luis are inevitably a blast for the dogs where your pet’s safety  and instilling good manners is always his number one concern.

About Marco

Marco Volpe

I may be the smallest member of the VolPets family but I am also the fastest and furriest! 

I’m a two year old working cocker spaniel who is full of energy and always ready to play and walk with all my friends from VolPets. 

I have a great relationship with Fabian who is the second most important thing in my life, better than yummy treats but not quite as important as chasing balls. Nothing can compare with chasing balls.

See you in the park!

We Provide The Best Services



How to have a healthy and happy dog

All our dogs want is to play, sleep, eat and live! To have the perfect balance dog we need to add a little of each ingredient. The best part of all is that you can do it while having fun, forget about your school homework! With the positive training your dog will follow your commands and behave because it will be fun for him and they love to see us happy too.

+ Play
+ Eat
+ Learn


Milo and Scout enjoyed many walks with Fabian. But what speaks to me the most, is the sheer enjoyment they express when we have bumped into Fabian in the park. Both dogs were so excited and enthusiastic at seeing Fabian again. We saw him just last week and Milo ran back across two fields just to say Hi to Fabian one more time. Clearly he has won the dogs over, and that has won me over.

Fabian is the best dog walker anyone could wish for. He is reliable, trustworthy and friendly, Tatty and Ciro clearly adore him. The dogs always come home happy and suitably exhausted and it is lovely to see that Fabian loves them both as if they were his own. Highly recommend.

Fabian clearly loves and understands the dogs in his care. Luna has been walking with Fabian for more than a year and in that time he has always been reliable and flexible to our needs. Luna loves Fabian and is delighted to be part of the Volpets family!

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